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Why Choose Earthing to Improve Your Health?

The reason that more people are embracing earthing is due to its natural origins. There aren't any prescriptions required or complicated surgeries and supplements. It is about harnessing the power of nature and the planet to restore inner alignment and overall health. It is widely thought that people who do Earthing will experience the benefits of better sleeping, energy levels as well as recovery from injury, inflammation and better management of pain! The process of earthing can aid in reducing jet lag as well as hypertension, and reduce the intensity in back discomfort. It is a possibility to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome pain as well as many other health advantages.

How to Conduct Earthing

There are many methods of to help people get grounded. The most natural methods are a barefooted stroll through a park, or soaking your feet and hands in the sand shoreline. A non-conductive surface like concrete won't allow you to experience the benefits of the practice of grounding. However, there is another method that you can benefit from the Earthing therapy. Our Earthing Mats allows you to put your hands or feet on the floor to allow the process to form. Green Earthing have developed an ingenious and completely unique process that makes use of conductive ink materials for our products. 

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